My Commitment to our Community


I am running for re-election to Toronto City Council.

Looking back at the twelve years I've had the privilege to spend working with community members, I see so many moments when we have made a real difference in the lives of our neighbours, friends and families.

That is why I will be running for re-election to Toronto City Council.

Community spaces have been the centrepiece of our work together and I look forward to continuing to work with you to expand the public realm. Together we have been leaders in building community spaces. We have rebuilt a dozen parks in our ward, and added two new ones: King-Dufferin Park and Rita Cox Park. We have created unique public spaces: the Wabash Town Square, Jameson Outdoor Art Gallery, and the Roncesvalles Peace Garden. We are in the design stages for two new public projects: the Wabash Community Centre, and the Parkdale Community Hub.

I am proud to be our voice at City Hall for protecting and expanding affordable housing. Over the last twelve years, our community has been a leader in affordable housing. Our efforts have preserved and legalized hundreds of affordable rooms in Parkdale, improving the quality of life and security of tenure for our neighbours. We built Edmond Place and provided housing for Na Me Res. Together we are creating a City fund to protect deeply affordable housing. This Parkdale-specific pilot project will help social housing providers purchase rooming houses and stop them from being converted away from affordable housing.

I will continue to advocate for improved and increased cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. We have also been leaders in responding to the challenge of making our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Ours were among the first neighbourhoods in the City to adopt reduced speeds on local streets. We have added new cycling infrastructure on many streets in our ward, and created safe pedestrian and cycling access to the waterfront.

I will continue to be a voice to protect and cultivate city services that enrich all of our lives. As a large and growing City we need to invest in transit, housing, and childcare, at the same time we must keep all our other services up to the task of accommodating record population growth.

Together we have been building great communities in a great City. With your support, I look forward to continuing that work as your City Councillor

Gord Perks



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