Toronto’s public services are what makes our city great. Our libraries and public spaces help build community and bring people together. Our Transportation system keeps residents moving, reducing congestion on our roads. Our parks and green spaces have shown during the pandemic just how important our outdoor spaces are for both our health and happiness. Together, in Ward 4, community spaces have been the centrepiece of our work together. I look forward to continuing to work with you to expand the public realm. 

After 12 years of austerity budgets, our City is falling behind. The City has a responsibility to invest in housing, transportation, and support our environment goals. Since being elected I have used my voice and my vote to protect and cultivate City services that enrich all of our lives. 

Work to be done

  • Support equity based budgets, with revenues that meet or exceed the rate of inflation
  • Push for additional revenue tools to diversify revenue away from property taxes

As the City’s need for additional housing pushes constructions forward, it is more important than ever that development applications are reviewed in an open and transparent manner. While City Planning outlines a clear process, once a development appeals to the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly LPAT, formerly OMB) often these discussions are held in private, without public or Council knowledge or input. 

With the support of local residents associations and community groups, I successfully moved a motion resulting in new oversights for the Planning Department. This is an important first step, as we continue to build a system that opens the process for all residents.

The City must stop relying on police enforcement to solve conflicts, and make the structural changes necessary through social investment to ensure all residents are properly supported—especially those in disadvantaged situations, and members of BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQA+ communities. I continue to support the gradual reallocation of funding from the police to allow for successful outcomes when TPS moves to alternative sources. 

Here in Parkdale—High Park, we are home to one of the four Community Crisis Response Pilots taking place in our city, allowing the deployment of unarmed, medically trained crisis intervention assistance staff. I will continue to support the test pilots and ensure they are properly funded and supported to see the best results for our communities. 

Premier Ford’s “Strong Mayor” legislation takes away decision making from local elected representatives and our communities. Out city experienced a huge loss in our democratic abilities in 2018 when Premier Ford dramatically reduced the size of council. This most recent change continues to push our city down that path, removing our communities from the decision making process. Despite the turmoil the provincial government throws at our democracy, I will continue to fight to ensure residents have a voice moving forward.

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